Dr. João Alfredo Kleiner MV, MSc

CRMV-PR 3929

Possui graduação em Medicina Veterinária pela Universidade Federal do Paraná em 1997.

Fez curso de Especialização em Oftalmologia Veterinária pela Universidade de Madison - Wisconsin - EUA em 1998.

Mestre em Ciências Veterinárias, Área de Patologia Veterinária pela UFPR com a tese intitulada Tratamento Cirúrgico da Epífora Crônica em Animais de Companhia , Agosto de 2003.

Professor de Oftalmologia Veterinária na Pós-graduação.

É Pioneiro no Implante de Lentes Acrílicas Dobráveis após Cirurgia de Catarata pela Facoemulsificação em animais no Sul do País.

Realizou cirurgias de catarata com lentes intraoculares customizadas em animais silvestres como Tigres (No Brasil e no Zoológico da Austrália) e Macacos Bugio.

Curso de especialização de Cirurgia de Vítreo e Retina pela European Vitreoretinal Society (EVRS), na Oftalmologia Humana, em Bremen - Alemanha em 2016.

Fundador da Vetweb Oftalmologia Veterinária, Primeiro centro de Curitiba dedicado exclusivamente à Oftalmologia em Animais !

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Postoperative “fibrin web” formation after canine cataract surgery
Purpose: To describe the occurrence and associated factors for “fibrin web” (FW) formation following phacoemulsification in dogs. Methods: A retrospective
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Effects of Topical Insulin on Wound Healing
Abstract: Wound healing is a complex biological process that repairs damaged tissues and restores skin integrity. Insulin, a potent factor
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Topical insulin for neurotrophic corneal ulcers
Neurotrophic keratitis (NK) is a degenerative corneal epithelial disease characterized by decreased corneal innervation, causing epithelial breakdown and poor wound
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Feline post-sterilization hyphema
Abstract Objective: To determine incidence and risk factors of post-sterilization hyphema in shelter cats. Animals studied: Retrospective medical record review
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A review of electroretinography waveforms
Electroretinography (ERG) is a commonly used technique to study retinal function in both clinical and research ophthalmology. ERG responses can
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Enrofloxacin-associated retinal degeneration in cats
Enrofloxacin-associated retinal degeneration in cats Objective The objective of this study was to evaluate the possible relationship between the administration
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Spontaneous lens capsule rupture and phacoemulsification in a one year-old chinchilla rabbit
Fonte: João Alfredo Kleiner DVM, MSc Abstract presented at the ACVO 2018 – Minneapolis entitled: Spontaneous Lens Capsule Rupture and
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Spectral domain optical coherence tomography imaging of spectacular ecdysis in the royal python (Python regius)
Fonte: Charlotte A. Tusler, David J. Maggs, Philip H. Kass, Joanne R. Paul-Murphy, Ivan R. Schwab and Christopher J. Murphy
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Oftalmovet Flix
A sua mais nova plataforma de Webinars de Oftalmologia Veterinária !
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Removing capsular fibrosis with retinal forceps
The visual axis should be very transparent after cataract removal and sometimes you have to use special instruments in order
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Phacoemulsification Novel Instruments
Cataract surgery in a dog using novel instruments. Cirurgia de Catarata em um cão utilizando instrumentos avançados. Surgeon: Dr. João
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Phacoemulsification (Dioptrix 41D 14mm)
Cataract Surgery using the Phacoemulsifier followed by a foldable acrylic IOL implantation in a 7 year-old female Cocker Spaniel.This was
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Nuclear Sclerosis in Dogs
This video shows the technique of retroillumination that helps the veterinarians to make a differentiation between cataract and nuclear sclerosis
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Minha Cirurgia de Catarata
Cirurgia de catarata pela Facoemulsificação com implante de Lente Intraocular, contada pela cachorrinha “Flicka”..
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Iris cyst in a cat (Laser treatment)
Iris cysts are epithelial-lined space that involves a layer of the iris. They can lead to secondary glaucoma, pain and
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Howler Monkey Cataract Surgery
Cataract surgery using the Phacoemulsification technique followed by a custom made intraocular lens implant in 3 Howler Monkeys. Surgeon: Dr.
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