Surgical correction of severe strabismus and enophthalmos secondary to zygomatic arch fracture in a dog

Fonte: Kricket A. Konrade, Alison B. Clode, Tammy M. Michau, Simon C. Roe, Brian J. Trumpatori, William V. Krug and Brian C. Gilger

Fratura de arco zigomático e osso lacrimal
   Fratura de arco zigomático e osso lacrimal

Abstract A grossly displaced segmental zygomatic arch fracture with marked ventro-lateral deviation of the left globe was diagnosed in a 3-month-old male German Shepherd dog following a bite injury. The fracture was approached via a modified lateral orbitotomy and a fragment of the lacrimal bone removed. The rostral portion of the fracture was stabilized with a 5-hole 2.0 dynamic compression plate bone plate. The surgical correction achieved sufficient skeletal fixation for proper anatomical reduction of the globe and excellent cosmetic and functional outcomes. Key Words:dog, fracture, miniplate fixation, orbital rim


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