Immediate effects of diamond burr debridement in patients with SCCE

Fonte: Charlotte Dawson, Carolina Naranjo et al.

demonstrating the lightmicroscopic findings of the (A) non-burred and(B) burred samples of the same sample
   demonstrating the lightmicroscopic findings of the (A) non-burred and(B) burred samples of the same sample

Purpose: To evaluate immediate effects of diamond burr debridement (DBD) on the cornea of canine patients diagnosed with spontaneous chronic corneal epithelial defects (SCCEDs). Animals studied Eight client owned dogs with SCCEDs. Methods: Nine eyes from eight dogs with SCCEDs underwent superficial keratectomy(SK). The ulcerated area was divided into quadrants with a 300-micron restricted depth knife. Two of four quadrants underwent DBD for 40–60 s. A SK followed immediately. One burred section and one nonburred section were fixed with formaldehyde 10% and underwent light microscopy (LM). The remaining quadrants from fiveeyes were fixed with glutaraldehyde 2.5% and underwent transmission electron microscopy (TEM). Masked pathologists evaluated the samples. A student’s paired t-test was used to analyze the data.Results: With LM all nonburred samples had a superficial stromal hyaline acellular zone (HAZ), seven of the burred samples had an intermittent HAZ and in two burred samples this zone was absent. The HAZ thickness of burred samples(1.062  0.664 lm) was significantly thinner than that of the nonburred samples. Transmission electron microscopy showed an absence of basement membrane and the presence of an amorphous, fine fibrillar mate-rial in the superficial stroma in nonburred samples. This material was intermittent or absent in burred samples.Conclusion: DBD significantly reduces the superficial stromal HAZ in SCCED s. A reduction of its thickness may be responsible for the healing rates reported with DBD. Roblox Hack robux Hack Roblox Cheats Roux Cheats


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