Bilateral phacoemulsification and custom made IOL implant in a bengal tigress.

Fonte: Joao Alfredo Kleiner DVM, MSc, Eduardo Watanabe DVM, Carlos Bettini DVM, MSc, PhD.

Surgery being performed
   Surgery being performed

A 2,5 year-old intact female Bengal Tigress (Panthera tigris tigris) was examined due to severe visual deficit. The owner reported that the animal was visual during the first months of her life and became totally blind when she was 7 months-old. Ocular exam revealed mild hyperemic conjunctiva with some mucous discharge on both eyes. The cornea was clear and void of neovascularization. The pupillary light response was normal. Schirmer tear test was 18 mm in OS and 20 mm in OD. Slit lamp examination revealed bilateral mature cataract . Article presented during the 46th ACVO congress in Idaho, USA (October 8th, 2015).


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