The efficacy for functional evaluation of feline hereditary rod and cone degeneration

Fonte: Jeon M-B, Seeliger M, Galle L, Seo K-M, Narfstrom K.

HMs ERG in a cat
   HMs ERG in a cat

Background: Objective evaluation of retinal function is often needed in the clinical and research environment. We studied normal cats and cats affected with different stages of inherited rod cone degeneration to evaluate the efficacy for obtaining a diagnosis with a new portable mini-Ganzfeld ERG unit, using it in parallel with a conventional table-top Ganzfeld ERG. Previous studies, with large ERG equipment and extended protocols, have shown that a significant reduction in scotopic high intensity a-wave amplitude together with a corresponding increase in b/a wave ratio is diagnostic for early stage feline rod cone degeneration.


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