Screening for late on-set progressive retinal atrophy in English Springer Spaniel

Fonte: Narfstrom K., Galle L., Dubielzig R., Katz M.

ERG in a English Springer Spaniel
   ERG in a English Springer Spaniel

Background: Hereditary retinal dystrophy, classically termed progressive retinal atrophy (PRA) in dogs, affect more than 100 breeds, many of which have been clinically characterized into specific types of rod cone degenerations and rod and/or cone dysplasias. The former is a group of late-onset diseases, while the latter are congenital or early-onset disorders. Autosomal recessive, dominant and sex-linked patterns of inheritance have been described for various forms of PRA. These spontaneously occurring canine retinal diseases are useful for comparative research, especially in the search for effective treatment modalities for both canines and humans, such as gene transfer (1). PRA has been described in the English Springer Spaniel (ESS) (2,3). The goal of the present study was to establish a screening procedure to detect the disease in its early stages in ESS dogs related to previously diagnosed cases of PRA. This was done in order to find young affected individuals for a more precise characterization of the disease process using clinical and laboratory methods in preparation for further molecular genetic studies.


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