Guidelines for clinical electroretinography in the dog

Fonte: Björn Ekesten; András M. Komáromy; Ron Ofri; Simon M. Petersen-Jones; Kristina Narfström

Eletrorretinografia em um Poodle. Foto: Dr. JAK.
   Eletrorretinografia em um Poodle. Foto: Dr. JAK.

The full-field, flash electroretinogram (ERG) is now a widely used test of canine retinal function for the clinical diagnosis of hereditary retinal dystrophies and other causes of retinal degeneration, assessment of retinal function in patients with opaque media, ruling out of generalized retinal diseases in patients with sudden loss of vision and in ophthalmological research, as well as in pharmaceutical and toxicological screening for deleterious side effects of drugs and other chemical compounds. In 2002, the first guidelines for clinical ERGs in this species adopted by the European College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists were published. This work provides an update of these guidelines.


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