The effects of cataract stage, lens-induced uveitis and cataract removal on ERG in dogs with cataract

Fonte: Seiya Maehara, Norihiko Itoh, Shinsuke Wakaiki, Ayako Yamasaki, Keiko Tsuzuki and Yasuharu Izumisawa

ERG in a 2,5 year-old Bengal Tiger after cataract removal and IOL implant
   ERG in a 2,5 year-old Bengal Tiger after cataract removal and IOL implant

Abstract: Objective:The purpose of this study was to determine the effects of cataract stage, lensinduced uveitis and cataract removal on the electroretinogram (ERG) of dogs with cataract. Animals studied: Fifty-seven dogs diagnosed with unilateral or bilateral cataract whose ERG was recorded at Rakuno Gakuen University Teaching Animal Hospital from 2001 to 2004. Procedures: Four responses were recorded during the ERG: rod ERG, standard combined ERG, single-flash cone ERG and 30-Hz flicker ERG. Cataracts were divided into four stages: incipient, immature, mature and hypermature, and with or without lens induced uveitis (LIU). Noncataractous eyes of dogs with unilateral cataract were used as the control. We compared ERG amplitude, implicit time, and the b- to a-wave amplitude ratio of cataractous vs. noncataractous eyes, preoperative vs. postoperative cataractous eyes, and cataractous eyes with and without LIU. Results: No significant difference was found in ERG amplitude between incipient, immature and hypermature cataractous eyes, while in mature cataractous eyes decreased amplitude was confirmed in all responses compared with control eyes. However, no significant difference in b/a ratio was found at any stage of cataract. In postoperative eyes, increased amplitude was recorded in all responses compared to preoperative values. In eyes with LIU a decreased amplitude in the rod ERG and b-wave of standard combined ERG was recorded and, furthermore, a significant decline was confirmed in b/a ratio. Conclusion: ERG values were influenced by cataract stage and LIU. LIU was associated with a reduction in the b/a ratio.


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