Lip commissure to eyelid transposition for repair of feline eyelid agenesis

Fonte: C. J. G. Whittaker, David A. Wilkie, D. J. Simpson, A. Deykin, J. S. Smith and C. L. Robinson

Lip to eyelid flap preparation
   Lip to eyelid flap preparation

Abstract: Repair of eyelid agenesis in nine eyes of five cats using a lip commissure to eyelid transposition is described. The procedure is a modification of the technique described by Pavletic for reconstruction of the canine inferior eyelid and provides skin, mucosa, a mucocutaneous junction, and muscle to reconstruct the superior and inferior eyelid and lateral canthus. The technique was successful in all eyes and resulted in improvement in corneal protection, cosmesis and in several cats a return of the palpebral reflex. Key Words: agenesis, coloboma, eyelid, feline, reconstruction, surgery


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